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How to choose the poper caster?

4月 16, 2014

1. How much load capacity is required?

Divide the load capacity needed by the number of casters being used to get the capacity per caster.


1,000 kg. total load ÷ 4 casters used = 250 kg. per caster.

2.What diameter and tread width is required?

The best and easiest way to improve reliability is to choose the largest diameter wheel that is practical for the application.

3.Wheel Choices

typically hard tread wheels perform better on soft or smooth surfaces and soft tread wheels roll better on hard or rough or outdoor surfaces. Other factors such as floor protection and noise need consideration as well. Pneumatic wheels are quiet and maximize floor protection but typically have lower capacities. Steel and cast iron wheels carry great capacity but can be loud and sometimes, harmful to floors. Poly wheels are typically a good compromise giving moderate floor protection, low noise concerns, and good load capacity. And phenolic/texite wheels give great load capacity and excellent floor protection at a good price point.

Some applications may require special wheel materials, bearing types or swivel and rigid horn types (i.e. temperature extremes, moisture, caustic chemicals, variance in floor condition).

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